Coaching ambitious & driven high-achievers and leaders to operate consistently at their best. Through coaching together, we build a confident, positive and resilient mindset that works even in the most challenging of times. 


Areas of Specialism: 

imageedit_1_7894205089  Realise the choices you have; different perspectives and the ability to reframe

imageedit_1_7894205089  Think clearly under pressure 

imageedit_1_7894205089  Clarity on where you are heading & what’s needed to get to the next level at work

imageedit_1_7894205089  Feel strong and ready – an ability to handle any challenging situation that comes your way – meetings, interactions, pitches, difficult working relationships, reviews etc.

imageedit_1_7894205089  Tools to handle new responsibilities, teams, geographies and stakeholders

imageedit_1_7894205089  Build Executive presence & create a positive, confident and resilient mindset

imageedit_1_7894205089  Handle change with ease


Coaching ensures that clients continue to have an empowering and positive impact in their role. Stop feeling overwhelmed and on the back foot and instead, deal with the daily pressures of your role well. Ultimately be truly successful and get to the next level at work… whilst feeling lighter, confident and excited about what is to come. 


Benefits of Coaching: 

imageedit_1_7894205089 Have a sounding board

imageedit_1_7894205089 Feel empowered and have more impact

imageedit_1_7894205089 Be held accountable

imageedit_1_7894205089 Celebrate success

imageedit_1_7894205089 Build a powerful toolbox of coaching resources to use everyday

imageedit_1_7894205089 Come up with clear action plans (and go and achieve them!) 

imageedit_1_7894205089 Get all the “C’s” – Calm, confident, capable, clarity and in control 


Results from ICF Survey:

Screenshot 2019-10-30 at 8.08.16 PM


Coaching Methodology: 

imageedit_1_7894205089 Process combines coaching, leadership development and neuroscience techniques to find the best solutions for you

imageedit_1_7894205089 Each person is different. Therefore we tailor individual programs for every one our clients

imageedit_1_7894205089 We usually recommend eight sessions over a period of four months, with a mid-way review to check in on progress

imageedit_1_7894205089 Clients can be anywhere around the world – we will use Skype, Zoom, Whats App or meet face to face in Singapore



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“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”

Henry Ford