Are you:

imageedit_1_7894205089   Feeling stuck and on the back foot even though you are ambitious and driven?

imageedit_1_7894205089 Struggling to deal with pressurised situations?

imageedit_1_7894205089 Not quite feeling yourself, and not performing and operating as you usually do?

imageedit_1_7894205089 Feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up, yet not sure how to make changes?

Would you like to: 

imageedit_1_7894205089 Feel more confident, positive, calmer & happier?

imageedit_1_7894205089 Get clarity as to where you are heading?

imageedit_1_7894205089 Behave and think differently under pressure?

imageedit_1_7894205089 Maintain excellent performance levels and boost productivity in highly pressurised times?

imageedit_1_7894205089 Be in control and deal with uncertainty well?

imageedit_1_7894205089 Develop and sustain a positive mindset?

If the above resonated with you, then welcome to Westbourne Associates.

We specialise in working with ambitious and driven professionals who have a track record of achieving great things. They are often busy and put themselves under pressure to excel in all areas of their life. They want more resilience, confidence and fulfilment.

This is where we come in

Westbourne Associates coaches high-achievers, who are feeling overwhelmed and unable to operate as they normally do. We all face challenges and get de-railed. However, by coaching together, you can get unstuck and back on track quickly; learning tools and resources to be more resilient and, quite simply, feel happier. 

Through coaching you will come away with a positive mindset and a range of practical & effective tools to use every single day โ€“ starting from now.

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