Sound familiar?

imageedit_1_7894205089   Newly promoted and no time to find your feet

imageedit_1_7894205089   Feeling lonely and burdened with the expectation that you must excel from the outset

imageedit_1_7894205089   On a path to getting promoted and feeling apprehensive about the next step

imageedit_1_7894205089   Wanting to make the shift from being a high performer to an outstanding leader

imageedit_1_7894205089   Managing new responsibilities and a greater exposure (both internally & externally)

imageedit_1_7894205089   Wanting to hit the ground running in your new role

imageedit_1_7894205089   Keen to have an impact and be successful from the get-go

imageedit_1_7894205089   Hoping to create a long term plan and start working towards achieving it


How Westbourne Associates can help:

We work with newly promoted Executives to help them through their transitionary period. We do this by focusing on mindset. 


Transitions, of any kind, are challenging. They can bring about thoughts of self-doubt and hesitation. Through coaching, we work to build emotional resilience and a positive mindset to get to the next level at work. As a result, you can deal with pressure well and have clarity and confidence even when the stakes are high.

We all face challenges and get de-railed. Through coaching, together, we will build resources to get you back on track quickly.  This will ensure that you feel calm and radiate a strong Executive presence even in the most challenging of times.

Through coaching you will come away with a positive mindset and a range of practical & effective tools to use every day – starting from now.



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“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose”

Dr Seuss – Oh, The Places You’ll Go!